Sexual Tension

B. Hoota It’s been four months of high school snogging And 69s that end with “your sister is sleeping next door” It’s holding his waist so I can slide a finger into his boxers Stretch it, flirt with the Levi label, and grin He says I’m mischievous I don’t disagree – the eyes and the […]

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A Comprehensive Analysis Of My Life At 20 Years Old

B. Hoota What I’ve Accomplished So Far In College: My internship with D______ was astounding. I’m 20 with a Big 4 Accounting weighting this insignificant name. I was offered the Business Internship position at the O’Connell Center. Let the dating of basketball players commence. My publications with Huffington Post, The Crocodile, Spoon University, LearnTravelArt, and […]

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